The Challenge

Staffing solutions for medical industry should provide hires who meet international medical standards and must have necessary qualification and certifications along with relevant experience. Providing medical hires in short period of time was the challenge that our recruiting team accepted willingly.

About the organization

KVN services is a well-known and a reputed name in the medical industry. Since decades they have been providing emergency medical assistance to patients with sheer professionalism thereby saving many lives and dreams. During the “Golden Hour” or the “Platinum ten minutes” of the medical emergency, the medical professionals at KVN services provide basic care and transport the patient to the nearest healthcare facility with due precautions. The medical teams at KVN services are highly trained and qualified to deal effectively with emergency cases.

The Project

KVN services had the dearth of trained medical professionals because of which they were facing difficulty in providing complete medical care to their patients. The positions ranged from low level employees to employees with specific skills and experience.

The Solution

After subsequent meetings and interactive sessions with the KVS team, we prepared an elaborate roadmap for staffing solutions. The team of recruiters at Diskriter is fortified with the deep rooted network of connections that helped them to have quality healthcare professionals in their net that empowered them to provide viable staffing solutions to KVN services.


The organization is proud to serve more people in need with quick and effective medical emergency services. The EMS provider is now well equipped with highly trained medical professionals who have years of dense experience in providing superior healthcare services.

The Tools and the Technology

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • Jquery
  • Javascript

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