Country Road (Road repair and cleaning services)

The Challenge

The company required skilled manpower at different locations. Providing them with skilled as well as experienced staff on-site, that too in the given time frame, was the mammoth task for us. The kind of workforce they were in need, varied in skills and experiences as well. Finding suitable match for the job at different locations was the challenge that we took happily and with confidence.

About the company

The company has been involved in repair, maintenance, and construction of new roads for some time now. They also provide expert guidance and services in developing landscapes for various purposes. The team at Country Road has been known for their astute insight on their field of expertise. Their name is synonymous with impeccability because the quality of services they provide is not only up to the mark but also exceed the clients’ expectations.

The Project

Country Road has a pile of projects around the country but in their field of work, time deadlines are of utmost importance. Due to shortage of skilled workforce, they were facing severe intermittent in delivering the services. The need to fill in the void with skilled labour force was pinching them hard as they were on the verge of missing deadlines and ultimately losing the subsequent contracts.

The Solution

First thing that we worked on was to determine the exact number of employees, along with the experience and expertise, required by the company. Once we were equipped with comprehensive database, our deep rooted network of relevant contacts helped us to reach out to the deserving candidates. Our effective communication channel helped in accelerating the recruitment process and we were successful in ring fencing candidates for the interview. After rounds of interaction and communication with the company and the candidates, we scheduled the final interviews.


The Country Road Company got their hands on the candidates with desired traits in the given time frame, which helped them tremendously in achieving their project deadlines. With our timely and effective staffing solutions, the company was able to complete the projects at different places without any trouble or delay and their excellent reputation remained intact for years to come.

The Tools and Technologies

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • Jquery
  • Javascript

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